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„MC Communication” Ltd. company was founded in September 9, 1994 in the city of Ventspils, Latvia. Over 17 years company conducts successful engineering activities in the market for automation and electrical engineering.

„MC Communication” renders the complete spectrum of the services, connected with automation systems, control and management and electrotechnical installations. The company is competent in the following areas: diagnostics of electrical, design examination, the design of electrical installation systems, the management of site works, the supervision of electrical devices installation.

While duration of entire operating time the company deals with the maintenance of large and small objects all over the territory of Latvia and abroad.

For guaranteeing the successful development of the Customer's projects, the company renders the services of industrial design, selection, order and delivery of the standard and created on the individual order electrical equipment, electric appliances and devices related to them.

The arsenal of the means of the production of company includes the extensive collection of contemporary diagnostic and assembly devices. In the process of design, programming, visualization and preparation for documentation most contemporary specialized software widely in use.

The specialized test laboratory, equipped with stands for complex diagnostics, adjustments and repair of uncommon equipment, is arranged on the base of the company.

The area of the business connections of the company stretches far beyond the limits of Latvia. Interact with the companies in the cities of Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Denmark, Rumania, Italy, Greece, Finland, Russia and Byelorussia successfully is conducted.

The work of company characterizes the development of the individual solutions, the effectiveness of the reaction, the flexibility of realization and the invariably high quality of the performance of tasks. As a result - it was formed and stableness is enlarged the circle of the reliable partners: permanent customers, honest executors and responsible suppliers.

At present time company collaborates with the widely well-known in the world producers of equipment. List include, for example, Siemens, ABB, AUCOTEC, Schneider Electric, Viessmann, Bosch, Welotec, Hetronic, Baumer Hübner, Beijer Electronics, Baumer Hübner, Schenck Process, and so on.

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