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In the majority of the cases control of equipment, the transmission of data, checking and observation is accomplished by means of the use of customary cable connections. However, often to solve stated problem by the way of cable laying is dear or physically complicatedly in view of the special features of the existing constructions and adjacent locality. Frequently there is a need of using the mobile means of control, not attached to the fixed point. For the realization of the transmission of data from the transmitter to the receiver without the use of the extension cables, adapt the systems of radio transmission.

The crane, which accomplishes loading scrap metal into the melting furnace in the steel mill plant, can serve as an example of the use of a system of radio control. The crane is located at a high altitude; therefore it is very complicated to carry out operations with the load, using a stationary panel in the operator cab. Additional complexity created by the factors of insufficient illumination and limited field of view. In such cases to considerably more conveniently accomplish control, being located in immediate proximity from the zone of cargo operations. Remote control is accomplished with the aid of the specially developed radio-panel, which allows fulfilling all necessary functions. This reduces to the minimum the probability of the incorrect engagement of load and the complexities of positioning. The radio-panel (in this case it it comes out as the transmitter) it transfers the commands of operator to the receiver, located on the crane. Receiver by the industrial network of crane, in turn, transfers signal to the controller, manager the systems of load lifting and movement.

It is frequently impossible to transfer signal data from the field equipment to greater distances. This is related with worsening in the signal level because of distance or presence of externally-produced noise. Also, in the specific cases, cable lying on is economically unfavorable.

There are other limiting factors. For example, in the majority of the cases, it is difficult to direct drive of signal with IP of video camera to the distances, which exceed 100 m with the use of a standard cable of the 5th category. In this case it is necessary to establish the equipment, which it restores and strengthens the transferred signal. There are several versions of the solution of this problem - to acquire the equipment restoring signal, to use the optical wire converters and transmitters, to use coaxial cable, or to realize the exchange of data with the aid of the radio communication.

The transmission of data by means of the radio communication considerably decreases expenditures for purchase and padding of additional cables. The analogous solution can be used in the majority of the acquisition systems and signaling about the fire. The total length of the junction between the control panels, begun to operate in the entire fire safety system, in certain cases must not exceed 2 km (given distance individually for each system). For overcoming this limitation there is a possibility to use the transmission of information with the aid of the radio communication.

Basically, the only factor, what limits the distance of radio communication – it’s the transmitting power of the transmitter and receiver.

At present time designed and installed by company systems on radio control ensure control of a whole series of complex devices. The completed projects ensure control of conveyor systems, truck cranes, field industrial illumination, overhead traveling and harbor cranes, ship loader machines and so on.

The company allows the possibility of development and installation of the radio control systems for control of equipment under the conditions of aggressive environment and complex climatic conditions.

If you encountered the difficulties in the realization of monitoring, control and data transmission by means of the usual cable connections, the solution will be found. The specialists of the company will develop and will install the system of radio control and radio transmission, created taking into account the special characteristics of precisely your objects, of equipment currently in use and also considering into account the special features of site operation.

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