Monitoring and Control Systems

One of the unconditional signs of contemporary enterprise - this is the established on the object centralized system for monitoring and control.

Such systems ensure a notable increase in the convenience in the operation. Personnel of customer has the capability in the detailed form to obtain entire information about proceeding on the object.

Visualization in the real time ensures the twenty-four hour mapping of the state of the controlled subsystems, gives the possibility to control changes in the work of equipment. There is a possibility to control the actions of personnel at all levels of control and operation, which considerably increases discipline, quality of work and safety in the production.

The data about the work of equipment and the actions of personnel remain in the archives and can be used later in the analysis of failures, for reduction in idle times, for the minimization of idle times and determination of the effective sequence of operational actions.

The systems of monitoring and control can be the simple local inexpensive solutions for an increase in the general rate of change in the regimes of the work of equipment. The systems of industrial monitoring and control adapt on the large complex objects. Centralized and distributed control makes it possible to combine control over the local automated systems, to ensure the joint operation of the separate systems. This gives the possibility to minimize temporary and financial expenditures for control of complex objects, by such, as storages, plants, shifting bases, terminals and so on.

The correctly realized system of visualization, monitoring and control of the systems of object makes it possible to maximally rapidly localize position and essence of malfunction, which increases the general safety of production and decreases expenditures for the simplest of equipment. In this case is ensured the operational automated transfer of communications about the malfunctions or reaching of the critical values of the parameters of equipment to the corresponding operating personnel. The developed and injected by specialist companies of the solution ensure the understanding by the allowed system of the visualization of the visual detailed information even with the unprepared, inexperienced personnel.

The accessible form of the supply to information decreases the need of the content of the large staff of the narrowly specialized highly-paid colleagues.

Each such system is the complex highly technological mechanism, created especially under the operating conditions of the object of the customer. In this case the special features of perception and receptions of the work of concrete personnel compulsorily are considered. The interfaces of observation and control are created in such a way as to ensure maximum clarity, simplicity and convenience in the use.

On many objects, after the introductions of each of such systems, trained by our specialists’ personnel of customer demonstrate more a fundamental understanding of production and operational processes, it is capable to control a considerably larger quantity of parameters, and to easily operationally ensure the savings of the expenditures of the resources of the object.

Building management system (BMS)

Building management system, that indicates the automated control systems of the building, it is system for the automation of the operations of control and management, realized in the contemporary buildings.

The purpose of the creation of similar type of systems is the need of guaranteeing the effectiveness in the consumption of the resources and increase in the safety of the entire building. In this case is ensured monitoring and automated management local the life-support systems of building - ventilation, heating, water supply, air conditioning, canalization, power supply, illumination, the control of enlightenment, energy-economy, etc. As the result of organizing this system - considerably have reduced expenditures for the operation of buildings and the period of the service of its equipment is prolonged.

Safety systems

Providing safety of enterprise is a very extensive question, which includes such points as detection and the signaling of fire, fire extinguishing, smoke removal, video surveillance and access control.

The acquisition systems and signaling about the fire, fire extinguishing and smoke removal relies on the basis of the specialized equipment - control boards, sensors, signaling devices. Depending on the type of object it is determined, what precisely fire safety system it will be is most effective and it is economically expedient to use precisely in this specific case. It is determined, what type and the power of system must be established, what outlying equipment - sensors, alarms, gas analyzers, actuators and blockers should be used.

The specialists of our company achieve the design and installation of fire safety systems on the base of the devices of the chief world producers in this region, such, as Algorinet, SIEMENS, Cerberus and other.

The systems of video surveillance and access control are the most important components in providing of safety of the enterprise.

Video control will ensure to you confidence in the correct fulfillment of work by your personnel, will make it possible to facilitate the control of safety of technology and operational processes and will increase safety of the object.

The access control will ensure the proper control of the movement of personnel and guests of enterprise will grant the possibility to produce the calculation of operating time and attendance of objects.

Our monitoring and control - your high technologies!
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