Electrical Installation Systems

Electrical installation - this is any combination of the interconnected electrical equipment in the limits of the specific accommodation or territory.

Many factors influence stability and safety of the work of electrical equipment: weather conditions, human factor, wear and failure of equipment, the quality of installation and connection of equipment, the quality of power line. Therefore, consumer devices in the systems of electrical devices must be protected by the way of organizing special safeguard remedies - these are lightning protection, surge protection, equipment on the compensation for the surpluses of electric power in the power lines, and so on.

The correct organization of the electric power supply of industrial buildings, equipment and apartment houses are the most important task of contemporary power supply. The functioning of both the entire complex and the separately undertaken equipment depends on the quality of power line. The safety level of enterprise herself or building as a whole depends on the quality of the current-conducting parts.

If necessary the guarantees of continuous feed to electric power, electrical device are equipped with the systems of the uninterrupted guarantee of nourishment. The sources of uninterrupted power make it possible to ensure the fitness for work of the protected equipment with turning off of the basic power sources.

Contemporary market offers the widest selection of electrical equipment, which must be used for providing of proper safety of the object. This of the device of grounding and connection to neutral, leveling off of a potential difference, reduction and outlet of the short-circuit currents, currents of leakage, control of harmonics and much other.

The qualitatively designed system of grounding electrical devices is one of the guarantees of the long-term safe functioning of production. The correctly realized system of electrical devices ensures the reliable work of equipment even with the appearance of unforeseen situations. For example, during the damage to the isolation of the current-carrying cables, or with the defeat by lightning, the protected electrical equipment does not go out of order.

In view of innumerable many versions of the performance of the enumerated devices and components, the guarantee of the necessary parameters of electrical device is the task, by solution of which must be occupied only highly skilled specialists.

The specialists of our company possess the many-year experience of design, diagnostics, installation, repair and modification of the electrical devices of different degree of complexity. The creation of the special solutions for the special climate and operating conditions if necessary is ensured.

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