Automation Systems

In the realities of contemporary dynamic life the automation of technological processes is a vital need. Technical progress does not stand on the spot, at the market appear the new effective solutions of daily questions in the sphere of industry.

The automated systems make it possible to decrease the influence of human factors, decrease the need of attraction and support of narrowly specialized personnel, increase the rate of working operational processes and increase the reliability of production processes. The correctly automated systems reduce to the minimum the probability of the occurrence of dangerous situations on the object.

The contemporary systems of automation are created on the basis of the industrial controllers, which make it possible to realize integrated systems for control of different tasks - from the simple automation of conditioned accommodations to the automation of the work of complex conveyor systems.

In certain cases, for guaranteeing the second independent system of automation adapts the solutions on the base of the relay-contact automation - without the installation of controllers. Similar systems can be used, also, as the basic solution, and in cases when the modernization of the objects is made, on which is established the obsolete equipment. In this case, the solutions on the base of relay automation under the contemporary conditions can cost more, than the solution on the base of the programmed controllers.

Usually the diagrams of relay-contact automation use if necessary simplifications in the systems of monitoring and control. For example, such systems it is convenient to use for the automation of the distributive installations of the electric power supply of equipment, small feed systems of heat, to and so on.

If necessary to govern the entire complexes of the local automated systems, adapt the solutions, which make it possible to agree to work of the controlled equipment. In this case is developed the special industrial network, whose devices provide the possibility of a rapid change in the regimes of the work of equipment on the object. This makes it possible to increase safety levels in the production and to ensure the increased degree of the protection of personnel and equipment. In the general case, similar systems realize on the base of industrial controllers in view of the specific number of advantages:

  • Relay-contact automation is not always capable of ensuring the necessary degree of speed, but systems on the base of micro-controllers process events in the milliseconds;
  • For positioning the relay-contact networks the use of electro-accommodations of large volume is necessary, while for the industrial network of industrial controllers it is sufficiently small electrical equipment cabinets;
  • With the use of relay-contact automation, the general electric system of object considerably is complicated because of the application of a large quantity of necessary additional points of connections. Controller automation in this case considerably simplifies the electrical diagrams of control circuits;
  • Relay-contact automation needs an enormous quantity of wires, which ensure transmission of data and control. The networks of industrial controllers use a total of several cables even on scales of enormous object, including providing the possibility of the wireless transmission of data;
  • The correctly realized system of controller automation makes it possible several times to decrease the time of position finding for malfunction and many others.

On the basis the wishes of the customer and affirmed technical task, the specialists of company development and fulfill projects on the automation of the technological processes of production and operation.

The company proposes the great possibilities of the putting into commission and the modernizations of automation systems. The step by step expansion of the system of monitoring and control enterprise if necessary is developed and realizes. This approach makes it possible to facilitate financial load and, at the same time, to obtain benefits from the investments already in the present time.

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