Project Engineering

Each our Customer - Individuality, each object - only in its kind. For the successful realization of task industrial design, selection of equipment and materials always require a special approach.

Any contemporary project begins with the establishment of purpose - creation or the modernization of the object, which relates to the specific industry.

Pre-design preparation is conducted according to the results of acquaintance with the Customer’s wishes. The determination of the volume of works with the subsequent preparation of technical task and estimate is accomplished.

A large quantity of factors directly renders influence on the final cost of the embodiment of the project and quality of its performance. In their number: the thorough consideration of the overall diagram of the work of complex, the equipment used and materials, the quality of control over the performance of works on site, and much other.

In the process of industrial design most contemporary specialized software is used. The very process of design realizes the complete set of documentation in the part of the electric diagrams, diagrams of installation and installation of electrical equipment, specifications and associated documents.

Contemporary industrial design is not divided connected with the thin individual tuning of intellectual equipment. The wide collection of specialized factory software for these purposes is used by engineers of the company. This approach makes it possible to place and to use in the project the special, extended possibilities of operating the equipment.

The engineers of the company specialize in the design of the industrial automation systems, monitoring and control systems and electrical installation systems of different degree of complexity. Each type of system has its characteristic features, which requires the specific process of design. In each project the specialized characteristics, which will ensure failure resistance of equipment with the increased loads, thoroughly are provided for.

During entire process of design the data about the operation are operationally supplied to a customer. The customer is regularly supplied with urgent information about the processes of the delivery of equipment and the progress of the design. The correctness of the performance of project are ensured by the long-standing experience of the design and planning engineers of the company. Quality of project and its correspondence to European Regulations and Standards confirmed by acting and regularly renewable certificates. Our examination, or developed by our specialists project - this is the guarantee of the success in the realization of stated assignment.

Our project - your pride!
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