Optional Services

At the end of assembly of equipment on the object are produced setting up and initial operation works, and field testing begins.

Interference of equipment during the technological processes, different emergency situations - these are the inherent risks of operation.

Timely service maintenance reduces to the minimum the probability of the occurrence of troubles.

The company renders the services of conducting urgent and planned repair work, replacing of equipment, extended support and planned service.

Servicing the integrated and local systems of electrical devices on the Customer’s objects is ensured. The extended agreement of maintenance guarantees rendering aid and conducting of the consultations at any time of twenty-four hours.

If necessary, continuous supervision of the functioning of the separately important systems of enterprise - is allowed the service of the twenty-four hour presence of company personnel on site.

At present company supports the fitness for work of the equipment of several large terminals, production complexes and a whole series of small economies.

Control rooms, the control system of access, the cabinets of automation and electrical power distribution, highly technological cranes, conveyor systems, the equipment for radio communication, video surveillance - all this, and many other, our colleagues support in the best operational state.

The qualified engineers of the company will help to organize, to control and to realize the correct performance of the necessary service works on the object, and service brigade will ensure the timely performance of regulations.

Our maintenance - your stability!
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