Estimation of the financial side of actual project is a very most important question of preparation for the design and the realization. The correctly comprised specification defines many key factors - financial expenditures for the purchase of materials and equipment, productivity and failure resistance of object.

The high quality of equipment and materials, placed into the project, noticeably decrease expenditures for the payment of the disregarded works.

In the realities of contemporary life the Customer often obtains poor quality design and estimate documentation. The not passed examination project is allowed in the work, and to the finale the buildings of unit have explained many of those disregarded earlier errors. In this case the Customer and the executors of works can suffer significant losses in view of the disruption of the periods of the realization of project. Expenditures for the work of executors because of the need for reconstructions, using of additional materials and mechanisms can increase. Are known the cases, in which the use of poor quality documentation drew an increase of the cost of building by several times.

Relying on long-standing work experience, company allows services for the evaluation of the estimate cost and examination of projects. The customer obtains the comprehensive information about the existing errors and the shortages in the design documentation. The description of the versions of the solution of the existing problem is allowed for the examination of the Customer.

If necessary the engineers of company rework that existing or will create the new packet of documents, which will ensure the correct, successful realization of the project.

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