The main condition of any problem’s solution is possessed with the total volume of preliminary information. Produced by our specialist’s inspection and complex of diagnostic measures make it possible to gather all data, necessary for an improvement in the situation.

Inspection makes it possible to determine the weak places of systems and to determine the limitations of the possibilities of the realization of the task on the object. The revealed special features of the arrangement of equipment, complex places, potentially dangerous points - this entire information thoroughly is assembled and is analyzed.

After the determination of the possible reasons for the current malfunction, is produced diagnostics of the appropriate units. The application of contemporary highly technological devices makes it possible to maximally accurately localize the problem and to determine the possibilities of its correction. Controlled by the specialized certified instruments data make it possible to perform the necessary tuning or repairing the equipment.

The obtained information is used for the localization of the points of failure, determination of the positions of the loss of data and arrangement of the damaged equipment.

According to the results of the complex of diagnostic measures the Customer obtains the comprehensive collection of information about the state of object. In the simple, intelligible form information about the motion of the events, which entailed malfunction, is further given to Customer.

When it is desired of Customer to remove malfunction, improve failure resistance or to implement modernization - company supplies entire complex of the necessary further services - from the estimation of expenditures to the realization of task and subsequent maintenance of the object.

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