The classical problem, which encounters the majority of customers, is the absence of the data about the nature of the emergent problem of the realization of projects or reasons for failure of equipment.

In the process of the complex of diagnostic measures the colleagues of the company gather and prepare all data, necessary for the clear understanding of the problem. To Customer in the accessible form is given the comprehensive information about the current state of the object being investigated. Further, together with the Customer, is worked out the solution, which will make it possible to improve the situation.

For a long time company allows the expert consultations:

  • On questions of selection and installation of electro-technical equipment and instrumentation, its repair, tuning, modernization and putting into commission;
  • On questions of the automation of technological processes by means of the relay and micro-controller systems;
  • On questions of installation and application of control systems of access, video surveillance, of fire safety, of systems of control of terminals, production and separate buildings;
  • On questions of development and application of systems of visualization, monitoring, control, collection and data analysis in the production;
  • On questions of the centralization of observation and control of the separate systems of enterprise.

Is allowed all necessary information on questions of design is used to the documentation requirements, standards, standards and other positions necessary to the fulfillment. The following services including occur:

  • Aid and of the necessity for consultation in the development technical tasks for the future project;
  • Expert estimation of the correctness of realization of project;
  • Evaluation of the estimate cost;
  • Consultations about the correctness of the selected equipment and materials;
  • Consultations about the quality of production and rate of the deliveries of equipment and materials of concrete producer.

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