Commissioning is the critical part of the work in the process of creating the new object.

Company developed and is used the method, which makes it possible to produce preliminary diagnostic and setup measures even in the stage of building. This makes it possible to considerably reduce the time, spent on the final setting up and initial operation works.

In the general case setting up and initial operation works – is the complex process, which consists of several critical stages. Each of these stages requires clear organization, error-free performance and tight control of all points of subsystem for each position. For organizing the effective setup process the individual program of preparatory, diagnostic and setup measures is developed. The data on the basis of design and operational documentation are embedded as the basis of program.

After processing of obtained data the packet of setup documentation is comprised. Documents daily are actualized, which makes it possible to carry out simultaneous testing and tuning equipment at several levels of access. In the commissioning process the necessary corrections of design documentation are introduced, the correction of tuning the work of equipment is produced.

For the realization of the possibility of the adjustment of the monitoring circuits of equipment, temporarily are organized the special diagrams of electric power supply.

In the special cases, to if necessary introduce serious changes, to Customer are proposed the corresponding versions of solutions of operational problem. After consideration and assertion of the corrective solutions, is produced the necessary additional tuning and the functional check of complex.

Up to the moment of the end of construction-assembly works on the object, begins the stage of complex starting and adjusting works. Are produced checking of the correctness of assembly of equipment, quality of electrical connections and outlines of grounding, the corresponding test record sheets are comprised. Checking readiness of equipment is produced - in the electrotechnical accommodations all technological apertures and cable ducts must be closed, is prepared illumination, heating, ventilation and associated systems. The functioning of the complex controlling equipment is checked.

Subsequently the starting of individual electrical chains is produced. Then the control of the correctness of the passage of signals at all levels of subsystem is performed.

After checking of individual subjects, the system is started in the setup regime. In this stage are produced tuning the modes of operation of subsystems, fine adjustment of the parameters of electrical equipment, testing of the control schemes, safety and signaling.

The prepared object is started in the regime of field testing. The control of the operational parameters of the work of complex is achieved in this stage, additional measurements made and the necessary corrections are introduced.

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