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Any task implies the complex sequence of the steps, which will ensure reaching the best results. Thorough preparation is necessary for the successful realization of contemporary complex projects. How this is done?

First of all - is produced an inspection. The team of the high-class engineers of our company thoroughly inspects object, they will study design documentation and gather the necessary data.

Following step - is revealed weak places diagnostics. Absence of weak places - this is the absence of financial losses. Subsequently the total analysis is produced and the structuring of the obtained information is made. On the basis of analyzed data is comprised the list of the tasks, whose fulfillment is necessary for the achievement of desired by Customer result. The preliminary evaluation of the correctness of the performance of project, reliability of the selected equipment ensures the most effective investment of means.

Following step - is consultation. The comprehensive information about the current state of the object being investigated is given to Customer in the clear accessible form. With the authorized representatives of the Customer the solution about the complex of measures for the realization of the task is worked out together. The process of preparation further occurs. The development of project design, selection of equipment and materials and itemization. After assertion by Customer, begins the stage of realization. In accordance with the affirmed graph of deliveries, the ordered equipment and materials are delivered to the construction site. The graph of work progress and installation of equipment in proper time is actualized.

Following step - is realization. In the correct process of the performance of project there is a mass of the finesses, to consider which - our responsibility and pride. The high professional level of the engineers of the company provides smooth dynamic solution of problems appearing in the process of realization. The basis for that is the wide experience of the embodiment of the projects of different degree of complexity. The profound knowledge of the methods of the correct realization of tasks, confirmed by professional certificates, ensures the highest level of performance.

Key to the success - the abilities to ensure effective management on the performance of projects and work on all levels of responsibility. The designer's supervision and general supervising makes it possible to avoid global errors and stoppages in the realization of project. Installation supervision ensures the correct order of installation and arrangement of equipment at the places.

In time developed and integrated automated management system brings tactical and strategic benefit. The extended visualization and detailed control of the proceeding processes considerably minimize operational expenditures. The uneconomical use of service lives of enterprise and the time, spent on the search for malfunction, is the main source of financial losses. Tailored specially under the needs of the Customer, the visualization system in the accessible form informs about proceeding processes even the unprepared personnel. The correctly realized industrial management system or building management system will instantly ensure a maximally rapid detailing of place and description of malfunction. The analysis of the detailed interactive data and events in an enterprise archive allows great possibilities for an increase in the operational and economic effectiveness.

Following step – is commissioning. Commissioning is produced continuously for entire elongation of the project’s realization. In this process the complex of the specialized setup measures developed by a company actively is used. This makes it possible to considerably reduce the input time of sight into the operation. Actually the fine adjustment of equipment according to the special features of use in the local individual conditions remains up to the moment of launching into the field testing.

The general system of realization is built on the principles of parallel processes, which makes it possible to organize work on several directions simultaneously.

With the aid of specialized software the complete set of executive documentation is prepared to the finale of project. Documentation is fulfilled according to European Regulations and Standards. The necessary quantity of copies is given to Customer in the paper and electronic form. The packet of documents compulsorily includes complete set of design programming software sources.

In the majority of cases the relations with the Customer of the realization of the project they pass to the following level - maintenance.

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