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Any task implies the complex sequence of the steps, which will ensure reaching the best results. Thorough preparation is necessary for the successful realization of contemporary complex projects. How this is done?

First of all - is produced an inspection. The team of the high-class engineers of our company thoroughly inspects object, they will study design documentation and gather the necessary data.

Following step - is revealed weak places diagnostics. Absence of weak places - this is the absence of financial losses. Subsequently the total analysis is produced and the structuring of the obtained information is made. On the basis of analyzing data is comprised the list of the tasks, whose fulfillment is necessary for the achievement of desired by Customer result. The preliminary evaluation of the correctness of the performance of project, reliability of the selected equipment ensures the most effective investment of means.




to every project

Each our Customer - Individuality, each object - only in its kind. For the successful realization of task industrial design, selection of equipment and materials always require a special approach.

Any contemporary project begins with the establishment of purpose - creation or the modernization of the object, which relates to the specific industry.

Pre-design preparation is conducted according to the results of acquaintance with the Customer’s wishes. The determination of the volume of works with the subsequent preparation of technical task and estimate is accomplished.

A large quantity of factors directly renders influence on the final cost of the embodiment of the project and quality of its performance. In their number: the thorough consideration of the overall diagram of the work of complex, the equipment used and materials, the quality of control over the performance of works on site, and many other.




At the end of an assembly of equipment on the object are produced setting up and initial operation works, and field testing begins.

Interference of equipment during the technological processes, different emergency situations - these are the inherent risks of operation.

Timely service maintenance reduces to the minimum the probability of the occurrence of troubles.

The company renders the services of conducting urgent and planned repair work, replacing of equipment, extended support and planned service.

Servicing the integrated and local systems of electrical devices on the Customer’s objects is ensured.

The extended agreement of maintenance guarantees rendering aid and conducting of the consultations at any time of twenty-four hours.

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